About Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a place connected to the Fethiye district of Mugla Province. Oludeniz was voted the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006 by eighty-two percent of the beach. The town has developed considerably in terms of tourism. In Lycia the light and the sun are known as "Far Earth" in the Middle Ages. It is located on the Teke Peninsula, located on the southwest of Anatolia. It is one of the sea ear (lagoon) occurrences in Turkey. Oludeniz is a character name like stagnant lake. In the most stormy days Beladiziz is struggling with the ripples, while in Oludeniz only the rattles come to the water. However, Oludeniz, which seems to be stagnant, is renewing itself almost day by three invisible reasons. For these reasons, the intensive spring water exits in Ölüdeniz create a current from the deep open to the deep. Second, there is a continuous circulation in and out of the open sea due to the salt awareness created by these spring waters. The third, with a tidal effect, increases and decreases by half a meter on average every two to three days. This allows a large amount of sea water to enter and exit.

Akdeniz Beach Hotel | Ölüdeniz - Turkey

Belcegiz Mevkii Oludeniz Cad. No:5310 Ölüdeniz, Ege Bölgesi 48300 Türkiye
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